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Looking for a specific area of focus?  Check out the topics available from each year.


  • Charitable Gift Annuities: Peak Opportunities - Bryan Clontz
  • Powerful Planned Giving With a Shoestring Staff and a Shoestring Budget - Bryan Clontz
  • May I Have This Dance: How One CEO, CMO and SVP Stay in Step to Accomplish Mission - David Kahle, Evan Moilan and Kurt Senske
  • Know Thyself: Exploring Asking Styles for Peak Performance - Jeanie Lovell
  • Actively Listening to Our Donors: Evaluating Campaign Effectiveness Through Constituent Input - Jeanie Lovell and Ann Sponberg Peterson
  • Elevated Ethics — Taking the High Road - Heather McGinness
  • Planned Giving is Rated G: All Ages Admitted - David Novak
  • Blended Gifts — The Future of Gift Planning - Charles Schultz
  • The Donor Visit - Mike Ward - Similar to his 2014 session, but updated for the latest trends and theories
  • In-Depth: Using the Matrix Map to Make Strategic Decisions - Steve Zimmerman


  • Making a Powerful Case for Donor Support - Tom Ahern
  • Creative Charitable Planning With Noncash Assets: A Case Study Approach - Bryan Clontz
  • Advanced Charitable Brainteasers: Common Problems and Uncommon Solutions - Bryan Clontz
  • Leadership and Management Enable the Mission - Michael Corley
  • Building Bridges With LinkedIn: How to Connect With Your Advocates - Anthony Juliano
  • The ABCs of Creating Successful Appeals - Bonnie O'Neill Meyer
  • Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters - Mitri Raheb
  • Working Effectively With Widows: Practical Tips to Serve These Women - Kathleen Rehl
  • Nonprofit Technology: Engaging Your Audience in Social Media - Adam Schaffer
  • The Donor Visit - Mike Ward


  • Get Going With Charitable Remainder Trust Planning - Gregory W. Baker
  • Charitable Gift Planning Under the 2013 Tax Changes - Marc Carmichael
  • Creating Readiness for Change Before You GO! - Johnnie Driessner
  • Racing to the Finish Line: The Fundamentals of a Winning Solicitation - Jeri Pat Gabbert
  • Get Ready, Set and GO! Build Your Dream Fundraising Board - Mark Holdt
  • The Who? What? When? Where? and Why? of Social Media: A Leader's Guide - Anthony Juliano
  • Ready, Set, GO! for the Green - Jane Lottes
  • Ready, Set, Go!: Implementing an Effective Planned Giving Program - Jason McNeal and Robert Driver
  • Philanthropic Psychology — Using Donor Identity to Grow Giving - Adrian Sargeant
  • Creative and Affordable Technology: Yes I Can! - Kate Smith


  • Success Stories: Recognizing, Tweaking and Using Stories to Get the Results of Your Dreams - Lisa Baumgartner Bonds
  • Fiduciary Duty: A Simple Review of a Complex Topic Important for Your Donors and Endowment Funds - Nate Birkholz
  • Why Does the Phone Weigh so Much? - Gregory Dwyer
  • Crossing on Dry Ground - Solicitation Fundamentals - Mark Hofman
  • Get on the BrandWagon - Build an Internal Culture that Works - Gretchen Jameson
  • "What do you say?" Why Embracing "Thank You" is Essential for Nonprofit Success - Gretchen Jameson
  • From Source to Mouth: Managing Media Relations - Anthony Juliano
  • "If I'm leading, how come no one is behind me?" - Supervision and Vision - Marlene Lund
  • How to Work a Room with Flair and Purpose - Ann Sponberg Peterson
  • Avoiding the Whirlpools - CEOs & CAOs Working Better Together! Rick Torgerson and Keith Christensen


  • Sprouts to Tall Oaks … Growing Solid, Young Professionals - Dave Coker
  • Fundraising Analytics and Annual Giving — Root Your Program in This Emerging Best Practice! - Michelle Janssen
  • Moves Management: Guiding the Growth of Your Donor Base - Betsy Kunau
  • Integrating Multiple Marketing Mediums into Your Annual Appeal - Dan Lee 
  • Boards of Influence — The Taproot that Grows Vision and Support - Duane Hilgendorf, Patrick Ferry and Doug Mason
  • New Decade Donors - Charles Schultz
  • Mind the Gap: How to Manage Your Mid-level Donors - Katherine Steffen


  • The Aging Baby Boomers React to the Economy - Alan Zacharias
  • Integration of Communication and Marketing into Resource Development - Dennis Meyer
  • The Way: Using Metrics to Enhance Staff Performance
  • Fundraising in Today’s Environment - Robert Sharpe
  • Fundamentals of Philanthropy, Fundraising and Stewardship - Alan Zacharias
  • Partners in Philanthropy: Engaging Younger High-Net-Worth Donors - Kristi Puchbauer
  • Crafting a Message to Win More Support for Your Cause - Mal Warwick
  • Using Experiments to Learn what Works in Charitable Fundraising - John List
  • The Future of Gift Annuities - Tim Prosser


  • More than Money - Ten Steps Toward Ensuring Successful Transformational Campaigns - Alan Zacharias
  • e-Strategy for Your Lutheran Nonprofit - Allan Pressel
  • Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Lutheran Organization - Terry Axelrod 
  • Cultivating & Retaining Donors using the Moves Management Process - Mike Bacon
  • Breaking Records Wtih A Result Oriented Call Center - Celeste Nored
  • Church 2.0: Leveraging the Internet for Donor Development - Matt Frazier
  • The Lone Ranger Of Branding: Conduct Your Own PR Audit - Mark Mathis