ACF Webinars

Looking for a convenient and diverse consideration of the latest development topics? You're all set with the ACF webinars. These sessions are based on the highest rated breakouts from the Faith & Fundraising Conference, so you know you're getting the best in philanthropic thought leadership. Put these on your calendar!

Webinars are FREE to ALL ACF members, and we just need you to RSVP. Webinars are $75 for nonmembers. RSVP for free, or pay to attend, here. Miss a webinar? Recordings are available. View the list below and contact Jon at [email protected] for information. ACF webinars are each approved for 1.0 CFRE Continuing Education point. Download the points tracker form

Upcoming Webinars






August 2023


12:30 p.m. CT Mitzie Schafer, CFRE

Building an Ambassador Program to Expand Your Social Media Footprint 

August 2023


12:30 p.m. CT Beth McKinley, CFRE

The Generosity Story: A New Page in Christian Giving

September 2023


12:30 p.m. CT Brenda Moore, CFRE

Leaning Into Legacy Giving 

October 2023


12:30 p.m. CT Beth Nelson Chase, CFRE and Andrew Steele

Rekindled to Respond - From Crisis to Unprecedented Growth

November 2023


12:30 p.m. CT Brianne Gerzevske, CFRE

God’s Word - Where Faith & Fundraising Meet

December 2023


12:30 p.m. CT Paul Marsh, CFRE and 

Jennie Wolf Smith, CFRE

Building Your Case for Support

January 2024


12:30 p.m. CT Andrew Olsen, CFRE

2023 Nonprofit Leadership Survey Insights

March 2024


12:30 p.m. CT Geoff Peters

Neuromarketing for Nonprofits - Planned Giving

April 2024


12:30 p.m. CT Ivan Leon

Donor Diversity: How to Conceive, Test, and Optimize a Multicultural Fundraising Campaign

June 2024


12:30 p.m. CT Clyde Walter and Paul Marsh, CFRE

Fundraising and Generosity 101

August 2024


12:30 p.m. CT David Fuerst and Vila-Sheree Watson 

Building a Fundraising Culture


Webinar Recordings Available

Recordings of previous webinars are available FREE for members. They are also available FREE for nonmembers - please just share your information here, and get access. Topics are below. Webinar recordings are each worth 1.0 CFRE CE points. Recordings of current webinars are also available - FREE for members, $75 for nonmembers. Topics are:

Brian Gavin and Stephanie Wollenburg

5 Steps to Shape and Sharpen Your Personal Brand

Anthony Alonso

Lessons Learned About the Annual Fund During a Worldwide Crisis

Paul Dunne

Key Pillars of Capacity Building That Will Impact Your Organization's Success!

Ashley Gatewood and Jeff Stanger

CFRE Over Coffee

Brian Gavin

Celebrate Good Times: Earned Media

Brenda Moore and Jason Gerdes

The Wow, Now, and How of Planned Giving

Chad McEachern and Susan Raymond

From Crisis Crucible to Program Growth: Partnerships That Raise Long-Term Support

Jennifer Miller

Storytelling Techniques That Drive Revenue Growth

Geoff Peters

Understand Your Donors’ Brains to Get Better Results

Paul Marsh

Gratitude: A Crucial Part of Your Fundraising Plan

Dave Raley

Sustainable Giving in the Subscription Economy

Michael Gorriarán

Reduce Dependency on Year-End and Episodic Giving With AI Driven, Real-Time Modeling of Donor Sentiment

Patton McDowell

3 Ways to Advance Your Fundraising Leadership This Year

James Goalder

The Current State of Donor Retention and What You Can Do About It

Scott McKenzie

The Art of Appreciation: How to Build Strong Donor Relationships

Emily Dubay and Rich Duncan

The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Fundraising